About Us

        Enhancing the human experience is a big responsibility that comes with both risk and opportunity. Every action and decision can improve someone’s life in tangible and intangible ways. And our leadership humbly takes on that responsibility. We believe in strong, balanced leadership. Both sides of the brain, multiple backgrounds and a variety of disciplines come together with one voice. Our three-person executive committee believes in the principles of creativity, continued learning, deep research, cross-pollination of thought, client satisfaction and a no-nonsense approachability. Together, we believe that enhancing the human experience is a deep responsibility.  

        At our soul and in our daily practice, we are a service company. Our vast suite of capabilities allows us to intersect with one another, involve experts at every level, include our clients’ visions and improve each project we touch. 

        A place is not merely a structure. It is a living, breathing element that resides in a larger environment, and must exist in a community and improve the experience of those who use it – as well as those who never will. Below is a brief description of our services.

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